Cloud ERP

What’s Cloud ERP?

We deliver comprehensive, all-in-one, totally integrated business management infra- structure, consisting of:

Reporting AND KPIs

Reporting tools and Excel plug-in facility allow the business data to be customized standardized and consolidated.

Project Management

The Project management module allows you to control and monitor your projects and resources. This module includes gantt charts and project budgets.


The finance module includes invoicing, purchase orders, ledger books, expense claims, multi-currency and multi-companies as well as the sales order workflow.

CRM and Cases

The customer relationship management module helps the sales team manage the whole sales process from creating leads and converting them into opportunities all the way to closing them. The sales team can also collaborate, create reports and manage client cases.

CMS and E-Commerce

Cloud ERP also includes a basic CMS and storefront engine with product catalogues, wikis and blogs.

HRMS and Payroll

The HRMS module helps the HR department manage recruitment, performance appraisals, career development and payroll. It also includes attendance tracking and leave requests can be made from any device.

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Cloud ERP Starter

All in one business management solution for 3 users
  • 7 days - Trial
  • 1 year - 360.00 OMR / year
  • 2 years - 360.00 OMR / year

Cloud ERP Standard

All in one business management solution for 5 users
  • 1 year - 540.00 OMR / year
  • 2 years - 540.00 OMR / year

Cloud ERP Business

All in one business management solution for 25 users
  • 1 year - 2,400.00 OMR / year
  • 2 years - 2,400.00 OMR / year

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Cloud ERP Premium

All in one business management solution for 50 users
  • 1 year - 4,200.00 OMR / year
  • 2 years - 4,200.00 OMR / year

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